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    A Use Case for Containers in a Multi-Platform Environment

    I support projects where we have platforms like SharePoint, are looking towards adopting PowerApps, and have Azure Government subscriptions. While learning about containers, I wondered where they could fit into an environment where many applications are developed on top of SharePoint. This helped me better understand containers and discover the perfect use case. I thought…   Read more »

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    Dockerfiles and the Dreaded Dangling Container Image

    The Dockerfile development workflow is fantastic if you are familiar with the documentation and have spent a lot of time troubleshooting. However, if you are writing your first Dockerfile, it may be challenging to identify and debug certain cases. During my first foray into the world of containers, I was containerizing a React Application. As I…   Read more »

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    Azure Web App for Containers, Part Two

    Following up my last post on Azure Web App for Containers, in part two we'll go through the various types of storage options available with Azure Web App for Containers, along with the scenarios where they fit best. As of writing this post, there are 3 storage options: Stateless Storage on App Service Plan Storage using…   Read more »

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    A Developer’s Guide to Container Orchestration, Kubernetes, & AKS

    If you’ve worked in software development or IT for any amount of time, chances are you've at least heard about containers...and maybe even Kubernetes. Maybe you’ve heard that Google manages to spin up two billion containers a week to support their various services, or that Netflix runs its streaming, recommendation, and content systems on a container…   Read more »

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    Azure Web App for Containers, Part One

    Azure Web Apps Background I've been working with Azure Web Apps for a long time. Before the launch of Azure Web Apps for Containers (or even Azure Web App on Linux), these web apps ran on Windows Virtual Machines managed by Microsoft. This meant that any workload running behind IIS (i.e., ASP.Net) would run without hiccups…   Read more »

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    Drupal Lift and Shift Migration to the Cloud Leveraging Azure Web App for Containers

    Through our enterprise collaboration and productivity services, we help many organizations create new experiences with intranets and portals to increase productivity and streamline collaboration while cutting operating costs. We have Drupal lift and shift experience where we migrate existing portals to the cloud as well as the ability to architect a custom solution from the ground…   Read more »

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    Container Architecture Basics

    Containers are, for good reason, getting a lot of attention.  For the cost of having to manage some complexity, they provide a unique level of flexibility, ability to scale, run software across cloud and on-premises environment...the list of benefits can go on and on.  And usually when you hear about containers in the technical press,…   Read more »

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    Dockerization of Azure PaaS (Beyond Azure Container Service)

    Companies are adopting Docker containers at a remarkable pace and for a good reason - Docker containers are turning out to be key enablers for a micro-services based architecture. As a quick recap, Docker containers are: Encapsulated, deployable components that can run as isolated instances Small in size with a fast boot-up time Include tools that…   Read more »

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    VIDEO: Azure Container Service with Docker Swarm

    In this video blog, AIS' CTO Vishwas Lele walks us through provisioning a Docker Swarm cluster using the Azure Container Service (ACS). Docker Swarm is a native clustering technology for Docker containers, which allows a pool of underlying Docker Hosts to appear as a single virtual Docker host. Containers can then be provisioned through the…   Read more »

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    Delivering HTTPS Certificates Using Azure Kubernetes Service and Key Vault Certificates

    Kubernetes has become the go-to orchestrator for running containers. At AIS, we are working with clients using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), applying our expertise in DevOps. One concern is delivering HTTPS certificates to containerized web applications; let’s use Azure Key Vault to achieve this. Azure Key Vault is a cloud service that provides hardware security modules…   Read more »