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A rich repository that delivers results

aisDocs is an open-source knowledge management repository available to use and contribute by all AIS employees. Our book of patterns and repeatable outcomes empowers our employees to deliver projects more quickly, with guidance, best practices, starter backlogs, and code samples.

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Guidance that speeds up solutioning

Continuous delivery enablement and readiness cover foundational concepts that apply to many services delivered to AIS clients. Our technical roadmaps and considerations support our teams when approaching a new project. These sets of materials and starter backlog layout sections of a project for standard solutions help our teams execute an AIS service, putting our best foot forward in solution delivery.

Resources procured from past experiences

We have built a collection of guidance of overviews, solutions, lessons learned, architectural diagrams, and detailed technical approaches from past project experiences across federal, commercial, and defense accounts, fully adaptable to client requirements. Our delivery and sales teams use these tools to understand better how projects have built technical solutions and get them up to speed on the services we deliver to our customers.

CDF Backlog

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Grow skillsets beyond project delivery

Our aisU program promotes lifelong learning and encourages our employees to utilize mentor-led Learning & Development offerings. Self-directed learning paths breakdown skills to support our employees in sharpening their skills. We take experience from significant, tip-of-the-spear experiences in federal, commercial, and defense to apply lessons learned to the next generation of subject matter experts (SMEs).

Contributions sourced across teams and skillsets

All guidance and code in the aisDocs repository are open for our team to use. We have created detailed guidance around workflows to develop, test, submit a content contribution to aisDocs, and even shout out a team member on social media for their contribution. Teams across our company are encouraged to contribute to this knowledge base to accelerate project execution.

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