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Success Stories:Optimized Corporate Portals Inspire a Corporate Culture of Innovation

The Challenge

Discovery Communications wanted to build new HR and Corporate Communications portals leveraging SharePoint Online on the Office 365 platform. But before any development work, the existing sites needed to be completely redesigned from the ground up.

The Solution

To come up with an architecture and design plan that met the needs of Discovery and took advantage of the full capabilities of SharePoint, AIS sent in an Envisioning Dream Team: a SharePoint Architect, an Infrastructure Architect and a UX Designer.

The Results

Discovery's embrace of Office 365 and SharePoint Online for its corporate portals has brought colleagues from across the globe closer together, and made it easier to collaborate with outside production partners.
Over the course of several weeks, a three-person Envisioning Team worked with key stakeholders and team members at Discovery, powering through short cycles of requirements collection, design, development, followed by customer review and feedback. At the end of the engagement, Discovery had a detailed map for each of the portals’ architecture, design, governance, implementation and migration.

What We Delivered:

  • Information Architecture and Governance Plan Document
  • Four total draft UX designs for the portals, and one final design for each portal
  • Responsive designs that outline the user experience
  • “Best Practices” document addressing questions and requested recommendations
  • Project plan for implementation and migration of new HR and Corporate Communications portal
  • Estimate for completion of implementation and migration of new HR and Corporate Communications portal
  • Pattern library and content-creation reference

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