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Engagement Models


This model is best-suited for projects where the scope of the work is defined and agreed upon between the client and AIS. This model allows clients to pay a set price for all milestones and deliverables for the completed project. The scope, cost, deliverables, and schedule are explicitly specified, and any scope changes during execution of the project would result in a difference in price.

Time and Materials

The Time and Materials model is ideal for clients seeking a flexible and agile project. For this project situation, the needs of the client may change based on business goals, so the requirements remain flexible. The client is billed for actual hours worked and accompanied expenses for resources.

Staff Augmentation

With Staff Augmentation, we’ll help you bridge the demand gap with our talented team members that will integrate as part of your technical team on a project basis. With this model, your organization will be responsible for project execution and deliverables.

Managed Services

Reclaim your time with our Managed Services Model, and we’ll make sure your IT is in good hands. With this fixed-cost services contract, AIS will take care of your reactive and proactive IT needs in the SLA-driven and predictable way.


AIS is interested in the success of our clients and for certain opportunities is willing to co-invest to leverage our global development and operational expertise to bring your product ideas to market. ISVs and online businesses can focus on product marketing and sales and have AIS focus on the product development and operations. Both revenue sharing and co-ownership are options.

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