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We custom-fit your cloud to you

You’ve invested a lot in your IT. But it won’t pay off unless you can bridge the gap between your technology and your business goals.

AIS provides the IP, technology and services you need to close that gap. We’ve got what it takes to help you win, whether you’re migrating mission-critical apps, chasing data, integrating legacy systems, or enabling innovative, cloud-native solutions.

Give your organization the AIS Advantage

We’ve been leading the way in IT since 1982, creating cloud solutions since 2008, and supporting missions like yours since day one. Here’s what we can do for you.

Inform your mission with our Datalance solution accelerator.

Break down the silos that keep you from taking advantage of all your data. Datalance gives you guidance, learning, and resources to help accelerate your data outcomes.

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Migrate apps successfully with the AIS Cloud Delivery Framework (CDF).

You can’t afford to wait around for technology updates. Our CDF gives you the guidance and resources you need to modernize your organization in the cloud ASAP.

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Power your projects with HUB team support.

Our HUB team is the go-to resource for research, knowledge and guidance, helping AIS teams implement your best cloud solutions quickly and accurately.

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Accelerate cloud scale and governance with Zeuscale’s IT service catalog.

We can scale your cloud adoption quickly and securely with Zeuscale: where you’ll find a single dashboard that uses automation to create, manage, and provision your cloud resources.

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Speed up time to value with aisDocs.

AIS teams enjoy access to proprietary aisDocs—where they can speed the process by drawing on repeatable patterns and resources from our deep experience with government, defense and private clients.

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Securing your solution with our Security and Compliance Toolkit.

It’s a valuable resource that enables AIS delivery teams to draw on our deep real-world experience. The Toolkit contains implementation guidance, templates, and training resources for applying security and regulatory compliance frameworks to Microsoft cloud environments, using industry best practices.