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    What is Azure Sentinel? The Solution Explained

    If you're looking for an intelligent cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that manages all incidents in one place, Azure Sentinel may be a good fit for you. We’ll be walking through what is Azure Sentinel and how your organization can use it to enhance your data capabilities. What is Azure Sentinel? Not only does…   Read more »

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    Cloud Transformation Can Wait… Get Me to the Cloud Now!

    Sound Familiar? It's not a sentiment you would expect from most IT decision-makers. However, it's something we hear from an increasing number of organizations. The benefits of a well-thought-out cloud transformation roadmap are not lost on them. They know that, in an ideal world, they ought to start with an in-depth assessment of their application portfolio, in…   Read more »

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    Highlights from the Microsoft BUILD 2019 Conference

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Microsoft BUILD 2019 Conference in Seattle this year – the company’s annual developer conference. There was a lot of excitement and a TON of great information to consume; from both the scheduled sessions and one-on-one conversations with product team representatives. So I’m wrapping up BUILD 2019 with some…   Read more »

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    What Every Developer Ought to Know About #deeplearning and #neuralnetwork

    On December 15th, I had the pleasure of presenting a session of “Introduction to Deep Learning” at the recently held #globalAIBootcamp (an amazing event with 68 participating locations worldwide). This blog post captures some of the key points from my presentation. Feel free to go directly to the slides located here. Before I begin, I would like…   Read more »

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    Azure Custom Speech Service for Government

    Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies are already transforming the way government agencies work. From predicting fraudulent transactions and detecting criminal suspects via vision APIs, to speech recognition and language translation, cognitive capabilities are a way to “augment/assist” government workers and complement their skills. I had the opportunity to record a video on Azure Custom Speech Service…   Read more »

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    TriSPUG Meetup: Introduction to AI & Cognitive Services for O365 Devs

    Calling all SharePoint users and Office 365 developers! AIS is sponsoring this month's Meetup for the Triangle SharePoint User Group in Morrisville, North Carolina. It's shaping up to be a great one, so RSVP today to claim your spot. About the Session: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new buzzwords in the industry. In this session,…   Read more »

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    Emerging Technologies

    New & Emerging Business Technology Consulting That Has the Power to Transform Your Organization Digital personal assistants that execute your spoken requests. Chatbots that automate customer service with a friendly face. Artificial intelligence (AI) with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities that help your staff design better products, see new market opportunities, and maintain field equipment more thoroughly. New…   Read more »

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    Data & Analytics

    Turn Untapped Data & Analytics Into Competitive Insights with Custom Built, BI Dashboard Solutions If you digitized key business processes years ago, you probably have reams of data about many aspects of your business. However, are you using it or wasting that data? With the advent of cloud computing, cheap cloud storage, and affordable business intelligence (BI)…   Read more »

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    Azure Time to Market & How to Choose A Public Cloud Provider

    In this audio blog, I discuss the four main attributes an enterprise should consider when selecting a public cloud provider. (A complete transcript is available below.) (more…)…   Read more »

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    Get the AI Playbook & Build a More Intelligent AI Practice

    We're fascinated by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and the truly transformative opportunities it offers our customers. We've been digging deep into machine learning, computer vision and other AI capabilities for quite some time now, and believe they will grow into a significant part of our business. We're not alone: IDC predicts 75 percent of developer…   Read more »