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Webinar:Accelerating Business Success with DDD+D

Topics: Strategic Consulting Services

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Are you facing challenges navigating the complex business landscape of numerous apps and technologies? Is your organization struggling with slow time to market, testing difficulties, and a lack of a clear path forward? It’s time to embrace the power of Domain Driven Design and Distributed Architecture (DDD+D) and revolutionize your business processes, software designs, and cloud landscape for true business impact.

Our webinar will guide you through the current environment and conditions, discuss resulting project structures, and unveil our vision of highly adaptive systems. Discover how DDD+D can enhance your business value and align your teams for success.

Join our experienced IT consulting experts to learn firsthand about our approach to DDD+D, including big-picture event storming, process model event storming, software design event storming, and distributed architecture training. Find out how our 12-week DDD+D immersion program can empower your organization, from training your associates to facilitate event storming to executing assessments and proof of value.

Come away from this with a clear vision of outputs for Phase 1 of your project, including improved business-to-IT communication, business ownership of requirements, and an adaptable architecture that will grow with your business. We’ll also share post-engagement strategies for growing your DDD+D capability and affecting positive organizational change.


  • Understanding the Current Environment: the “BINGO” of current conditions
  • Existing Approaches & Limitations: Monolith and distributed monolith structures
  • Vision & Overview: Unleashing the potential of DDD+D
  • Setting Goals and Success Metrics: What outcomes can you expect?
  • Proof of Value: Demonstrating the impact of DDD+D in 12 weeks

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About the Speakers:

Steve Suing

Steven Suing

Solution Director and Digital & App Innovation Solution Area Lead

Steven is a director at AIS with 20+ years of experience in architecture, cloud computing, and engineering. He has a record of delivering large healthcare, finance, and government projects. He is a thought leader and frequent speaker in the community.