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Great things come from great partnerships.

Your vision. Our comprehensive Microsoft cloud expertise.
Coming together to help you drive business change.

Revolutionize Enterprise Data Management with Data Mesh and Microsoft Fabric

Explore the integration of Data Mesh—a cutting-edge, decentralized data architecture—with the robust capabilities of Microsoft Fabric.

Improve productivity with AI and automation.

From Open AI to RPA bots, bravely embrace the game-changing new possibilities for innovation and productivity improvement with a dedicated team of experts at the helm.

Accelerate transformation with superior cloud support.

Navigate the transformation journey with confidence as our expert team guides you through seamless cloud adoption, optimizing infrastructure, and unlocking the true potential cloud.

Ignite potential with next-generation innovation.

Revolutionize the way you do business and ignite the power of your people through innovative application development that fuels business growth, unlocks new opportunities, and keeps you ahead of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Untap opportunities with advanced data solutions.

Leverage the full potential of your data and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions with our advanced data and analytics solutions, empowering your business with the data needed to achieve more.

Solutions that make a difference.

Helping experts in their fields by being experts in ours. Transform your organization, grow your business, and solve your most challenging problems with cloud solutions from AIS.


improvement in data transfer speed for a large government agency


major utilities users supported by platform consolidation


migrated to Azure from on-prem sources for a large financial services organization

  • “Our success can only come from the success of our clients”

    Our company is employee-owned, so every individual at AIS has a direct stake in client outcomes. That’s why we’re known in the industry for caring more, working harder, and delivering impactful projects.

Global innovators rely on AIS.

We’ve got all seven.

Navigate the cloud landscape with confidence by working with AIS, one of the first 15 companies nationally to achieve seven Microsoft cloud designations.

Grow your career with AIS.

Ready to take your career to the cloud? Join our team.

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