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Energy & Utilities

Powering the energy sector with cloud and data solutions.

Transforming the energy and resources industry with secure and reliable solutions.

When severe weather events occur, tap into the flexibility of the cloud to scale up with web and mobile traffic surges. As regulatory compliance changes are released, adapt your solutions quickly to remain compliant. In a fast-evolving business landscape, create uniform and personalized customer-facing solutions.

We understand the challenges of accumulating technical debt and how to address unique energy industry challenges. AIS offers expertise and guidance to help you modernize your organization. Work with us to create scalable, secure, and compliant solutions that serve your customers.

Oil and Gas

Leverage advanced, cloud-native tooling for intelligent insights with AI and machine learning on Azure. There is a large opportunity to harvest drilling and operational data for reduced costs, create maintenance efficiencies, and more. Learn how you can realize these gains for your business.

Power and Utilities

Bring your operations and customer experience into the future with cloud innovations. Improve employee productivity and connectivity, even with a remote workforce. Keep customer data secure. Improve the customer experience and insights. Do it all with the backing of a partner that understands your business and can help shape your roadmap.

Modernize your business with the help of Microsoft experts.

See if you qualify for project funding or connect with us today.

Global innovators rely on AIS.