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Health & Life Sciences

Modern health solutions on Microsoft technology.

Provide premium care and exceptional experiences for your customers with innovative solutions.

Siloed health solutions and teams require new ways to improve operations, innovate, and protect health data. Our scalable cloud solutions address complex regulatory compliance challenges while helping teams modernize.

With deep experience in highly regulated organizations and a proven track record with Azure, our team is prepared to handle your toughest technology challenges.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers manage massive hospital systems and coordinate care and monitor personnel with the help of cloud-based solutions from AIS. Whether you’re moving your legacy applications to the cloud, developing cloud-native or hybrid applications, and systems AIS can help reimagine healthcare.

Need to migrate to a HIPAA or FISMA-compliant cloud environment? Looking to increase productivity and agility? No problem. Let AIS help you realize cost savings and flexibility while addressing regulatory compliance needs.

Health Payers

Health Payers rely on AIS for tailored healthcare IT solutions that streamline operations, enhance compliance, and improve member engagement. We specialize in creating secure, compliant environments, ensuring that sensitive data is protected while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Partner with AIS to transform your operations and deliver better services to your members in the ever-evolving healthcare payer industry.


When major pharmaceutical companies need digital solutions that accelerate the speed of innovation, they turn to AIS. With our deep system integration experience, we create cloud-based applications and digital solutions that keep your most sensitive ePHI and health-data secure, actionable while meeting regulatory compliance requirements and enhancing operational agility.


Improve Revenue Cycle Management with Robotic Process Automation

Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to optimize revenue cycle management (RCM) processes, reduce operational costs, and improve the overall quality of their services. AIS aims to help solve these problems at scale by applying hyper-automation software, such as robotic process automation (RPA), designed to help organizations optimize their revenue cycles, increase productivity, and reduce costs.


Using LLMs to Improve Healthcare Data Quality

How can you use LLMs to improve data accuracy? Watch our healthcare scenario where payers can use Generative AI to maintain and improve directories in this episode of AIS’s Applied Generative AI Mini Series.


Accelerating Content Generation in Healthcare with AI

Check out a short demo of a healthcare solution using GPT-4 for writing a cardiology referral. Here, we can enable a clinician to create a referral note using available information. The notes can be shaped using Microsoft AI solutions to ensure records are accurate, well-informed, easy to find, and secure. The solution also leveraged fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) to ensure that data can be accessed in different systems, including electronic medical records (EMR).

Case Studies

Healthcare company moves to the cloud

Cloud Migration and Managed Services for Healthcare Company

Our customer is a division of a national healthcare company focused on providing employee care for large employers, especially the U.S. Veterans Administration. After an acquisition, our customer faced a tight deadline to move its IT workloads out of the former parent company’s data center.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Intranet Design

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gets a New Intranet

HHMI is an independent philanthropy that supports biomedical scientists and educators on a range of projects. The research institute has 3,000 employees working on three different campuses. Over time, the company’s intranet became fractured along campus, team, and project lines, making it difficult to find content and impeding the organization’s overall efficiency.

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Global Health Organization

Meeting New Needs Quickly with a COVID Response Solution on Power Platform

Amid a worldwide pandemic, a global health and humanitarian organization responsible for monitoring public health risks, coordinating health emergency response, and promoting human health and wellbeing urgently required a pandemic response solution.

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