Broken iphone Screen - Broken Web PageI was rushing out of my house on a Thursday afternoon and my phone fell squarely onto the pavement. As I picked it up and gingerly turned it over in my hands, I gasped. The screen was cracked, utterly and completely. It was a moment so steeped in idiocy that I almost laughed at myself. If you drop a phone it breaks, right? Except that it hadn’t and I’d dropped it a million times before. Maybe this was just its time to die its little death or maybe this was a particularly horrible fall. Whatever it was, it happened and it was over.

Later, at the store, my conversation with the girl replacing my phone went a little like this:

Helpful Girl: So if you’re phone is backed up, I’ll delete everything on it and get you started with a new one.

Me: It is.

HG: Ok, is it backed up to the cloud?


HG: (concern on her face) What did you do to back it up?

Me: My husband plugged it into the computer and made a copy.

HG: Ok, if you’re sure you have a copy…

Me: I am…?

Did I mention that I’m a Business Analyst for an IT company? That I used to recruit for that same company? That I regularly talk with customers about what we can do for them and how we can ease their pain points with technology-based solutions? If you’re rolling you’re eyes at me, that makes two of us. But as I’ve discovered, working in technology isn’t all about the technology, it’s about the people. Read More…

In a recent project, we routinely modify a site, save the site as template and use the solution created to create new sites programmatically. This has been working well for the client for last six months and we haven’t encountered any issues. Occasionally, however, we encountered a problem which prevented us from deactivating or activating the solution in the solutions gallery. To overcome this, we deleted solutions from End User Recycle Bin and Deleted End User Recycle Bin views.

But this time around, every time I created the solution and created a site using this new solution and template, my new site looked bizarre! For instance, one of the libraries didn’t have the All Documents view and defaulted to My Documents view. But if you modified the URL for the library (from MyItems.aspx to AllItems.aspx), it would display the documents. Another difference was that the text from all content editor web parts on list pages were missing. The issue is displayed in pictures below using a test site. Read More…