A Modern App for Microsoft Envisioning Centers

The Windows Azure team reached out to AIS to build a Modern App proof of concept to be deployed across Microsoft Envisioning Centers worldwide. Modern App is a demo application showing Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities for cloud and on-premises-hosted applications. It’s a hybrid application, consisting of the latest Microsoft enterprise technologies.

This demo app was built to show how the Microsoft stack can seamlessly integrate and help solve complex business problems. One of the main goals of this application is to show how disparate business data can easily flow from one system to another in the enterprise and/or between partner systems.

For instance, this application demonstrates how a purchase order (PO) can be processed from multiple sources. The purchase order can be submitted from a web application, a Windows phone mobile application, or as bulk order from a partner. Data flow starts with accepting a purchase order from the web/mobile application and persisted into a cloud message store. The application integration server picks up the message from the cloud store and sends it to a workflow application. The purchase order is either approved or denied based on the human interaction and the final message is sent back to the cloud message store.

Our Modern App POC was showcased at TechEd 2013. Thanks to Harish Bidadi for recording this demo. Read more about the technologies used to build this app here.