Skype_for_Business_Secondary_Blue_RGBApplied Information Sciences (AIS) helps companies use technology to transform the way they work. AIS has adopted Microsoft Office 365 with Skype for Business Online to do the same in our own business. By using the PSTN Conferencing feature in Skype for Business Online, AIS employees can launch meetings faster, better secure meetings, showcase this new technology to customers, and reduce audio conferencing costs by 75 percent.

“Like many other employees, I spend all day in Outlook, and the way PSTN Conferencing integrates seamlessly with Outlook is a big timesaver for us,” says Kevin Griffie, Practice Manager, Commercial Management, at Applied Information Sciences. “We no longer need to copy and paste third-party audio conferencing numbers into meeting invitations. Another major convenience is how closely the Skype for Business app interoperates with mobile phones. Employees can launch a meeting by pressing a single key.”

Additionally, by using PSTN Conferencing, meeting organizers can see the names of every participant, even those dialing in on a phone, which eliminates time-consuming roll calls at the outset of every meeting. “With PSTN Conferencing, we probably save 5 to 10 minutes per meeting, time that used to be spent making sure we know who is and isn’t on the call,” says Mike Baker, Chief Information Officer at Applied Information Sciences. “Our employees have three to four meetings every day, so that time adds up.”