AIS’ own Larry Katzman is a featured interviewee today over at WashingtonExec, where he explains how our Federal team has managed to sustain terrific growth despite the economic downturn:

WashingtonExec: How does your company maintain growth in an economic downturn and federal cut backs?

Larry Katzman: AIS has enjoyed terrific growth during the past five years, despite the great recession and budget pressures on the federal government. I really believe this is because we focus on a less risky and a less costly approach to application development; which is exactly what is sought out when resources are being closely watched. Our approach is to use platforms, software, and technology our clients already own and build new solutions using the investments they’ve already made. For example, we have been leveraging the public cloud providers, such as Microsoft’s Azure services and Amazon Web Services, for our clients to nearly eliminate up front capital investments for new projects. We then use building block platforms and products that are often already owned and deployed as the foundation for our solutions. At AIS, we invest a lot of our time and profits to train our people on emerging technologies before they hit the market. This allows us to be one of the few qualified, experienced firms that can safely use new technology to improve IT services with less risk and cost. Perhaps more importantly, we share project risks with our clients. We’ve gained a reputation for not failing because we have a “never fail” approach to projects. Because we specialize in Microsoft Technology, our reach back within AIS and into Microsoft allows us to crowd around problems and solve them quickly. We’d rather lose money on a project than instead of leaving a client unhappy with our work.

Check out the full interview at WashingtonExec, and read more of Larry’s thoughts on optimizing government IT budgets right here on the AIS Blog.