Microsoft Azure Government DC is a group created for anyone in the IT world modernizing government with a goal of bringing real-world lessons to innovators in Government. AIS has supported and presented during these events when there were just 5 members. Now, the group in nearing 4,000 members. In March, we presented on Authority to Operate (ATO) and Compliance in Azure Gov. Check out the recording and overview below.

Here’s What You Missed

AIS Cloud Security and Compliance Solutions Architect, Bryan McGill presented at the latest AzureGov Meetup to demonstrate our repeatable ATO processes and secure and compliant cloud solutions in Azure and AzureGov for faster time to value.

Watch the Full Session:

ATO Session Recap

Bryan begins the session explaining ATO and the six steps of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process:

  • Categorize Information System
  • Select Security Controls
  • Implement Security Solution
  • Assess Security Controls
  • Authorize System
  • Monitor Security Controls

Challenges when Adopting ATO

As the session continues, Bryan talks about the most significant advantages of a cloud solution: shared responsibility with Azure and Cloud Service Providers (CSP). The more you leverage Microsoft tooling and your Cloud Service Provider relationship, the more outcomes you can expect. This includes:

  • Microsoft Azure Inheritance (between 20% and 50% of all security controls could be inherited).
  • Documentation Templates to spend less time building required documentation, that are pre-mapped to control implementation statements.
  • Pre-crafted security control responses mapped to documentation.
  •  Azure Services like Sentinel, Security Center, Log Analytics, Monitoring, and Azure Active Directory.
  • Tools like Blueprints and Policies can be written, with Infrastructure as Code, before an environment is set up to ensure compliant, repeatable, and secure cloud solutions.

Our Approach

To round out the presentation, Bryan presents the AIS approach to ATOaaS. ATOaaS provides standardized ATO documentation and Blueprints to government customers. At AIS, we help you take a step back and look at the requirements needed and what services can be used with Azure or other tools to meet needs, offering templates and support for documentation.

Our ATO services deliver efficiency gains without sacrificing security and compliance, increasing your speed of deployment so you can start using cloud-native features and services. AIS can help you drive outcomes to include mission effectiveness, better security, agility and flexibility, operational efficiencies, and faster time to value.

Our ATOaaS Approach contains three engagements:

  • Kickstart Workshop – Targeted workshops focused on obtaining an audit compliance in Azure.
  •  Consulting Services – Azure Compliance Advisory, Security Gap Analysis, and recommendations for Audit Readiness.
  •  ATOaaS: Consult and Implement – Fully managed Control Implementation, Testing and Compliance Documentation.

Struggling with the ATO process? Reach out to AIS to figure out which Engagement Option is best for your team to get cloud accreditation and begin migrating your workloads to a secure, compliant cloud environment

AIS: Your ATO & Cloud Transformation

We help government organizations create cohesive multi-cloud strategies, bringing the expertise you require for successful cloud adoption, modernization, data intelligence, and beyond. As the first company to achieve Authority to Operate (ATO) in IL5 and IL6, as well as the first to establish cloud environments at Impact Level (IL) 5 and IL6, know you’re in good hands. We’ve been working with Azure for 12+ years and will have you well on your way to realizing the best that the cloud can offer.

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