bondiBondi Digital Publishing has relied on AIS for several years to build and enhance it’s Cloud Hosted digital magazine archive platform. Vogue, Rolling Stone, and many other magazines now have a compelling avenue for delivering content to their readers. Both back issues and new and upcoming issues of magazines are provided online in a beautiful HTML5 viewer.

The Bondi Digital Archive has grown, and with that growth new challenges have arisen. Some publishers have come to Bondi with a need to make hundreds or thousands of back issues available online as quickly as possible. However, once the back issues were all scanned, the images and metadata had to be processed before the final digital product was ready. This processing was taking an immense amount of time – sometimes up to several weeks. The publications wanted their back issues available online much more quickly than that.

AIS created a highly scalable Cloud Service using Windows Azure to process the data. Once the data for the back issues is loaded in Azure, tens or hundreds of machines are quickly and automatically provisioned and assigned to help process the back issues. For a publication with thousands of back issues, this brings the processing time down from several weeks to a couple of days.

The new Cloud Service in Azure that AIS built has allowed Bondi to process back issues much more quickly. Additionally, it lowers the management effort needed to oversee and monitor the processing of back issues. Bondi is now able to utilize cloud scale provided by Microsoft Azure to eliminate a bottleneck in onboarding new clients.