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Data Platforms

Unlock success with a cloud-native, AI-enabled data platform.

Experience data-driven insights and decision-making with end-to-end data platform solutions.

Today’s organizations face enormous pressure to move faster, streamline, cut costs, and tap into intelligence. However, organizational silos, integration challenges, competing approaches, team skill sets, and more burden the path to leveraging valuable data. Transform your data into actionable insights using our data delivery framework. Ensure optimized data integration, enhance decision-making capabilities, and drive organizational efficiency with an innovative data platform.

Empower your business with Microsoft cloud expertise.


Microsoft Certifications


Years working with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Partner of the Year


Advanced Specializations

Data access and usability across roles and industries.

Imagine your organization can embrace data democracy with modern, self-service BI across the entire org. Build foundational capabilities for advanced AI/ML and intelligent insights that unlock outcomes like:

  • Data democracy –Modern self-service Business Intelligence with appropriate access to enterprise-ready data across your organization.
  • Foundational capability building –Create the core infrastructure, skills, and practices for future advanced AI and predictive analytics.
  • Generate insights –infuse applications with intelligence derived from data.


An agile data modernization approach, proven in the enterprise.


Clarify the vision and define a strategic modernization plan and design the cloud destination, using business objectives as the north star.


Set up services for ETL and establish a connection with data sources to expedite data extraction and migration from legacy systems.


Design a storage solution for large-scale, cloud-based data, both structured and unstructured, to fit needs and requirements for data is to be consumed.


Define final output for reporting, dashboards, and documentation to prepare data for transformation through standardization, sorting, deduplication, validation, and verification.


Improve data access and usability through visualization by working with SMEs to define queries and leverage or build applications to make data accessible to the right end-users.


Tap into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive faster, more intelligent insights.

datalance approach

Core tenets of the AIS approach.

The primary tenets of our solutions include security,automation,transparency, andmonitoring.

We ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at every stage of the process, that there’s automation through code-first approaches, that data lineage is accessible, and that there’s monitoring of every activity from the collection, transformation, and delivery through observation and alerting.

Deep experience with documentation to scale.

The primary tenets of our solutions include security,automation,transparency, andmonitoring.

aisDocs captures delivery team guidance, training, experience, and other resources that accelerate the path to cloud-based data intelligence and deliver faster results to our customers. This ever-evolving framework combines AIS best practices collected from enterprise experience, industry-standard tooling, artifacts and backlogs for delivery teams, and much more.

Years in the making, these resources help teams kick off projects with a concrete set of tasks that can be used to set up projects for success. The expertise of data intelligence leaders is extended to the full reach of AIS employees with access to resources from successful data project execution, lessons learned, best practices, and more. These backlogs, deliverable samples, starter files, and other supporting content are fully adaptable to client requirements and give your teams a faster path to the data outcomes you’re after.

Teams across our company can contribute to the internally open-sourced framework. From consultants to deeply technical engineers, our teams are helping AIS deliver better, faster data outcomes for our clients.

datalance backlog for data intelligence on modern cloud based data platform

Our data differentiators.

In addition to process-oriented components, AIS brings hardened experience and expertise.

Access to cloud and data SMEs

Industry-standard tooling expertise

IP designed for highly regulated industries

Scalable and cost-effective delivery capabilities

Best-in-class tooling partnerships

Modernize your business with the help of Microsoft experts.

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