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Increase the adoption of your cloud solutions and transform your organization.

To ensure your solutions provide value, users must be at the center of that transformation.

Effective digital and cloud transformation requires understanding the needs and desires of your organization’s user community. Understanding those needs is not enough if those insights do not turn into actionable changes along your cloud transformation journey, and those changes need to be planned for and users supported during that transition. UX and OCM greatly increase the chances for successful adoption and ensure that the technological investments will return value and increase organizational efficiency.

We understand and implement user-centered solutions.

With decades of experience in UX and OCM, AIS consistently aids organizations in their adoption and transformation by utilizing industry best practices with a deep understanding of the challenges presented by cloud transformation.


Being “user-centered” means more than just thinking of users occasionally. It means embedding the process of understanding and applying user needs and desires throughout an engagement. AIS has best-in-class user researchers, interaction designers, usability experts, information designers, and change practitioners to help you truly put users at the center.

Change Experts

Going through the change to a cloud-first organization requires a deep understanding of the people, processes, and technologies used to make that change happen. AIS understands the technical challenges of a cloud journey and helps you understand your organization’s specific user needs to be effective.

UX at Our Core

Great UX brings together function and form. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of research, design, technical, project management, and change management professionals. Working together, they ensure that your product or service meets user needs and is easy to use.

An emphasis on UX and OCM is the key to cloud success.

Achieve True Adoption

Organizations can mandate the use of an application, but proper change management ensures successful adoption where users are empowered to do their work.

Get the Most ROI

A digital transformation requires a lot of investment of people, time, and resources. Ensuring your organization sees the benefits of those investments, designing the solutions properly to respond to real needs, and aiding adoption will help you realize the value of that investment.

Reduce Costs & Increase Satisfaction

Proper design allows better operational efficiency and overall user satisfaction. When users feel heard and included, they naturally want to contribute and invest in the success of your initiative and the organization as a whole.

Set Up Your Org for Continued Success

How you execute one initiative can affect the perception of your subsequent efforts. When users see how much care is placed on this effort, it will increase engagement and confidence for future initiatives.

Improve the Employee Experience

Employees that are satisfied, supported, and communicated will lead to better employee experiences increasing retention and engagement. An important net result is better experiences for your customers.


An array of UX and OCM services to help you succeed.

Strategy and Roadmapping

Understanding your business and its users help create successful long-term strategy and roadmaps for cloud transformation.

Knowledge and Content Management

Harnessing the knowledge inside your organization helps to ensure your people investments impact your organization.

User Research

Research is the foundation for all great experiences, and our methodology helps to ensure you understand the needs, opportunities, and challenges in front of your effort

Interaction Design

Great user interfaces are the result of understanding all the elements of interacts, writing, and visual design. From quick prototyping to full-fledged visual designs, AIS does it all

Information Architecture

Information design has always been a hallmark of good usability and findability, and it’s even more important in the new world of artificial intelligence. AIS brings years of domain knowledge on information design to help you succeed.


Ensuring inclusive experiences for all is a fundamental principle that guides all of AIS’ work.


Achieving usability requires not just rigorous designs but thorough testing, feedback, and iteration. Our UX experts can help you ensure your investment starts and continues to be usable and meaningful for your organization.

Organizational Change Management

From training, communications, strategy, and more, AIS can help ensure your users understand, are ready for, and feel supported during your initiative.

A proven success record in many industries.

AIS has helped organizations of all sizes across commercial, federal, and non-profits. Bringing best-in-breed technologists and UX/OCM consultants that AIS has.

Energy & Utilities Companies

Designed and implemented a large-scale design system for a major energy provider that streamlined the implementation of web applications.

Strengthen Data Protection and Maintain Compliance

Financial Services & Insurance Firms

Helped a large insurance organization adopt the Power Platform with user research, interaction design, and a focus on accessible experiences. This effort allowed them to move off a significant amount of legacy technical debt into a modern platform.

Professional Services Organizations

Worked with an internal compliance firm using research, change management, and technical guidance on Microsoft 365 to reduce costs, increase collaboration, and experience a dramatic adoption of Microsoft 365 applications.

Modernize your business with the help of Microsoft experts.

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Advanced Specializations

Together, these capabilities create cloud impact.

App Development

Expert-level application development services to drive your business goals.

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Cloud Innovation

Accelerate your business goals and outpace the competition with expert cloud innovation services.

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Data Platforms

Unlock success with help from AIS to build a cloud-native, AI-enabled data platform.

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Generative AI

Use natural language for next-generation impact on productivity, outcomes, and mission.

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