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Case Studies:AIS Helps Large Nonprofit Association Drive Swiftly into the Cloud

The Challenge

An association that works to standardize safety, licensing and administration services wanted to get into the cloud but needed help getting there.

The Solution

AIS migrated two key applications into Microsoft Azure, set up cloud-based disaster recovery and networking infrastructure, and trained staff on DevOps methodologies.

The Results

Our client now has instant cloud scalability of two key applications in addition to fast disaster recovery for uninterrupted availability. It gained better governance compliance and security and simpler infrastructure maintenance.

Our client is a large nonprofit educational association that develops programs in safety, licensing, and administration services represents state, provincial, and territorial organizations in the United States and Canada and serves as an information clearinghouse. The Arlington, Virginia-based organization has roughly 100 employees and serves a large customer base, requiring the right tools—and partner—to support them.

To become more agile, flexible, and efficient, they developed a cloud strategy and set out to decommission existing datacenters. Its specific goals were to move two business-critical applications into the cloud and improve disaster recovery failover for those applications to meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

Migrate key apps to the cloud

We migrated two key applications to Microsoft Azure and rehosted dozens of Windows Server 2008 and 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 servers to Azure IaaS. We also create an Azure logical infrastructure with Landing Zones to support the rehost migration.

Flex as needed

By moving these applications to the cloud, our client has a new ability to quickly expand application capacity by adding compute resources within minutes. This lets it better serve the public during peak times.

Deliver fast, smooth DR failover

The nonprofit can now perform disaster recovery failover in minutes, ensuring uninterrupted availability of critical applications and enabling the organization to meet SLAs for the first time.

Redesign private network

Because of its need to connect to the systems across the US and Canada, they had a very complex private networking infrastructure. We architected and implemented a cloud-native network solution that is easier to maintain and more scalable, all the while still meeting their strong compliance and security requirements.

Improve governance and security

We introduced governance compliance and security controls that our client didn’t previously have, such as fine-grained Role-Based Access Control, environment structure and isolation, and policies that ensure resource compliance. In addition, governance was front-loaded into the deployment processes so that not only the existing environment is made secure, but also future ones.

Simplify management and introduce DevOps

We helped their organization adopt cloud operations and management tools such as (Azure Monitor, Azure Backup, Azure Update Management, Network Watcher, and Azure Policy), allowing it to simplify the management of its cloud infrastructure.

We also introduced and guided them through the implementation and operation of DevOps methodology using infrastructure as code (IaC) processes, speeding infrastructure deployment.

Accelerate cloud migration

This successful migration project served as the impetus for broader cloud adoption, helping their organization speed its migration of on-premises workloads into Azure.

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