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Case Studies:Insurance Leader Simplifies Product Enhancement with Power Platform

The Challenge

A large insurance company makes thousands of enhancements to its vast product line each year and needed a better way to track and manage those changes.

The Solution

AIS used Microsoft Power Platform and our Power Platform Adoption Framework to build an elegant, automation-backed series of applications for managing these changes.

The Results

The insurance company has relieved employees of onerous, erroneous manual data-entry, freeing them to focus on strategic work. Management has instant access into accurate data that helps it drive the business.

Tap the Power of Power Platform

The insurance company was an avid user of Microsoft Office 365 and fully embraced the promise of Microsoft Power Platform, an app-building solution that combines Microsoft Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate (formerly Flow), and Power Virtual Agents. It asked AIS to help it unlock the power of Power Platform across the organization using our Power Platform Adoption Framework.

We started with a Power Platform Envisioning Workshop, walking stakeholders through the product, showcasing relevant use cases, listening to their challenges, and identifying and prioritizing candidate use cases to build as applications on the platform. The company was confident and ready to “Power Platform” its first app: its intricate system for tracking product enhancements.

Quick-build a New Way of Managing Changes

As part of an AIS Power Platform Quick Start engagement, we moved all the data out of spreadsheets and InfoPath forms into the Power Platform Common Data Service, a common data repository that serves as a single source of truth for data on which multiple applications can be built. We then used Power Apps to build a back-end app for tracking tasks and milestones, and a mobile, front-end app for managers to use in quickly approving product changes.

The apps manage the types of data that can be entered based on each field, eliminating most errors, automatically populate and track milestones, and automatically send an email reminder to perform assigned tasks.

Plan for the Future

Lastly, we took the company through an AIS Power Platform Enterprise Management workshop, a multi-day working group to help stakeholders assess their current state in each of the five Power Platform enterprise management and governance pillars and plan for long-term operating capability.

Boost Productivity

With an easier way to track and complete product improvements, the insurance company has boosted productivity. By automating myriad manual activities, AIS helped the company refocus employee time on improving products and driving revenue rather than on managing spreadsheets and chasing data.

Gain Better Insights

With product change data in the Common Data Service, management up and down the company can more easily access and analyze it, using Power BI dashboards to get both overviews and data deep dives. Which enhancements are on schedule? Behind schedule? Which enhancements made their planned impact? Teams can get instant answers based on accurate data. They can hit deadlines more frequently and get product improvements to market on time.

Create a Solution in Weeks

We delivered the first version of the product-enhancement application in just six weeks so that employees could get their hands on it quickly and start providing feedback. We continue to help the company roll out new capabilities.

The company has purchased thousands of PowerApps licenses, eager to empower business people across the organization to automate their own workflows.

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