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Case Studies:Large Insurance Provider Turbo-charges Sales Innovation in the Cloud

The Challenge

Impressed with the agility gains realized from moving internal mainframe-based business applications to the cloud, they decided also to hoist its sales mainframe-based infrastructure into the cloud.

The Solution

AIS helped this enterprise modernize a million lines of COBOL code and migrate 16 subsystems into Microsoft Azure, harnessing cloud-native services and DevOps practices.

The Results

We reduced sales application release cycles from six to three weeks. Our client can now easily accommodate changes, has access to a bigger talent pool, and has much faster disaster recovery.

Alleviate a million-line code base burden

Our client’s mainframe-based suite of sales applications was one of its crown jewels—but the million-line COBOL code base was also a heavy technical burden that was expensive to maintain and slowed sales innovation. We helped to modernize 16 sales subsystems, re-engineer the logic of the COBOL applications, and rewrote them in Microsoft .NET. We then migrated the applications to Microsoft Azure using Azure Cloud Services.

Develop new features faster

Now that this client has adopted DevOps development practices, agile project management, and a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process, the enterprise has seen a substantial speedup in its sales innovation cycle, slashing its new-feature release cycle from six weeks to three weeks and accommodating minor changes at any time.

Access more talent

The large legacy codebase made it difficult to refresh the IT talent pool because most new IT pros focus on cloud environments. By embracing the cloud, they now have access to a broader, better talent base. And by standardizing on Azure, the company can reuse talent across the organization.

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