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Case Studies:Leading Energy Provider Reimagines its Utility Experience for its 10M Customers

The Challenge

This large energy provider determined that they needed an organizational first and transformational initiative to reimagine their customer experience. They needed to quickly respond to demands, offer new features to their customers across six large Utility companies, while using data analytics to improve the end user experience during storm outages.

The Solution

The main goals of this multi-year transformation initiative were to deliver a modern, responsive, consistent user experience to their 10 million customers across their six utility companies, develop a scalable solution that could grow to meet high demand usage, deliver new features and capabilities more seamlessly, and use data insights to improve the overall customer experience.

The Results

Our client is now operational on a consolidated platform, providing consistent user experience for their end customers and service team. Agile delivery practices and the new use of analytics to assess customer engagement metrics, improve response and update timelines, and reduce downtime has met their business objectives.

AIS worked in close partnership with our client and across each of the six operating companies to understand the business requirements and functionality required, and design and implement a solution that delivered a converged and consistent UX Design, a scalable microservices-based enterprise application architecture, a web abstraction layer to seamlessly and efficiently integrate back-end enterprise systems, and a hybrid Azure platform foundation that can scale to meet usage demands. In addition, AIS introduced DevOps best practices and processes to enable zero-downtime deployments.

AIS brought a global delivery team consisting of Program Management, Enterprise Application Architects, developers and testers, UX architects and Analysts, Azure Architecture, engineers, and DevOps engineers. Our IP, frameworks, and agile delivery methodologies ensured that although this was a highly complex, and first cross OpCo project ever undertaken by our client, we were able to successfully deliver this large scale modernization initiative on time and on budget.

Business Impact

This initiative has transformed the way in which our client supports over 10 million customers. The consolidation of the six utilities onto a single platform provides a consistent user experience not only for the customers but for those who service the end users.

Our client has gone from executing one major deployment per year to weekly deployments. This allows their teams to be agile in delivering new customer experiences and solutions and maintain its competitive advantage. Using analytics to assess customer usage and improve response times during storm scenarios has increased customer satisfaction, along with the increased reliability of the overall platform with reduced downtime.

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