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Glean Powerful Insights from Your Data

Break down data silos, move from proprietary to open standard, and unify data to empower leadership with real-time, predictive insights. Accessible, actionable analytics at your fingertips, when you need it. AIS will help you get there.

  • Build Intelligent Applications – Build and deploy advanced intelligence into your applications to uncover opportunities and base decisions on facts and deep learning.
  • Generate Insights from Data Visualization – Visualization is the key to unlock insights from your historical data through reporting, dashboards, and scorecards to support human decisions.
  • Optimize Business Processes through Applied AI – Recommend decisions through forecasting, simulation, and optimization using Machine Learning and Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI).

See How You Can Use Data for a Better Tomorrow, Today

Getting Started with Data Intelligence

AIS helps organizations unlock their data through Machine Learning and Applied AI. Our Data Intelligence Framework gives you a path to powerful data insights. The following process applies to most data intelligence efforts, but each step isn't required depending on your goals.

  1. 1
    Infrastructure Readiness

    Ensure your platform is ready for data ingestion, storage, and visualization through cloud adoption

  2. 2
    Assess Your Data

    Catalog data distributed across technologies, in different forms, on multiple platforms to define requirements.

  3. 3
    Connect Systems

    Create a unified data platform to establish connectivity between previously siloed data sources.

  4. 4
    Data Modeling

    Integrate and correlate data to uncover actionable insights aligned to business goals.

  5. 5
    Make Your Data Smarter

    Build robust analytics and reporting through deduction, induction, and machine learning for predictive insights.

  6. 6
    Visualize the Data

    Give every decision-maker and analyst a relevant view into real-time data analytics to drive better business outcomes.

Investing in the IT of Tomorrow

AIS’ innovation program, involvement in Microsoft programs, and dedication to continued education allow us to learn and share best practices with our clients. We invest in the future of our clients’ business, looking ahead to help them solve tomorrow’s problems today.

We have a successful track record as a change agent to disrupt the status quo and influence technology and culture within enterprises. By applying our Data Intelligence Framework to real-world challenges, we use our experience to help you scale with agility ​and tap into emerging technologies like AI and ML.


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