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Today’s organizations are faced with enormous pressure to move faster, streamline, cut costs, and tap into intelligence, but the path to leveraging valuable data is burdened by organizational silos, integration challenges, competing approaches, team skillsets, and more. Optimize your data systems, outcomes, and costs with our transformational data solution accelerator, Datalance. Our approach brings learnings, opinionated guidance, and resources for helping enterprise organizations overcome common data modernization challenges and accelerate data outcomes.

The data intelligence solution accelerator enterprises require

To deliver results like faster data availability, collaborative IT and business culture, and scaled data democracy, we take the following approach:

  • Assess – Clarify the vision and define a strategic modernization plan and design the cloud destination, using business objectives as the north star.
  • Ingest – Set up services for ETL and establish a connection with data sources to expedite data extraction and migration from legacy systems.
  • Storage – Design a storage solution for large-scale, cloud-based data, both structured and unstructured, to fit needs and requirements for data is to be consumed.
  • Modeling – Define final output for reporting, dashboards, and documentation to prepare data for transformation through standardization, sorting, deduplication, validation, and verification.
  • Analytics – Improve data access and usability through visualization by working with SMEs to define queries and leverage or build applications to make data accessible to the right end-users.
  • Intelligence – Tap into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive faster, more intelligent insights.

datalance approach

Core tenets of the AIS approach

The primary tenets of this solution are security, automation, transparency, and monitoring. We ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at every stage of the process, there’s automation through code-first approaches, data lineage is accessible, and that there’s monitoring of every activity from the collection, transformation, and delivery through observation and alerting.

Our data differentiators

In addition to process-oriented components, AIS brings hardened experience and expertise. Your teams benefit from:

  • Access to cloud and data SMEs
  • Industry-standard tooling expertise
  • IP designed explicitly to meet the needs of highly regulated industries
  • Scalable and cost-effective delivery capabilities
  • Regulated industry focus

Core to this entire approach is our methodology: agile development for ultimate speed and flexibility, collaborative design and development between business, IT, and the entire partner ecosystem, and value-driven delivery to ensure positive returns on data investments.

Data Modernization Services Support

aisDocs cloud based data solution accelerator and delivery guidance

Deep experience with documentation to scale

aisDocs captures delivery team guidance, training, experience, and other resources that accelerate the path to cloud-based data intelligence and deliver faster results to our customers. This ever-evolving framework combines AIS best practices collected from enterprise experience, industry-standard tooling, artifacts and backlogs for delivery teams, and much more.

An unbeatable backlog

Years in the making, these resources help teams kick off projects with a concrete set of tasks that can be used to set up projects for success. The expertise of data intelligence leaders is extended to the full reach of AIS employees with access to resources from successful data project execution, lessons learned, best practices, and more. These backlogs, deliverable samples, starter files, and other supporting content are fully adaptable to client requirements and give your teams a faster path to the data outcomes you’re after.

Teams across our company can contribute to the internally open-sourced framework. From consultants to deeply technical engineers, our teams are helping AIS deliver better, faster data outcomes for our clients.

datalance backlog for data intelligence on modern cloud based data platform

IP for cloud based data solutions in the enterprise

IP for the Enterprise

AIS provides IP that bridges enterprise needs for data modernization and native cloud and data tooling capabilities. Examples include:

  • ddl2dbt, an automation tool that takes source to target mapping and generates dbtVault sql and yml files for DataVault based data modeler.
  • STM (Source Target Modeler), a design solution for accelerating the creation of data modeling and source-to-target mappings. It uses the power of git to scale design efforts.

Get started with Data Platform Modernization

Our Data Platform Modernization Proof of Value engagement unchains you from the challenges of data modernization and provides you a path to enable safe and secure access to data sets, empowering business users to unlock the next big opportunities for the company on Microsoft’s Modern Data Platform. Through a proven delivery methodology, our certified experts will help you envision how you can unlock significant value and simplify processes throughout the data pipeline, right from ingestion to publishing data sets.

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