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Industry expertise meets digital excellence

Connecting people and technology to reshape industries

Organizations across industries seek new ways to innovate, adapt to constant change, and build resilience in their businesses. In our constant pursuit of outcomes, our people bring curiosity, strategic thinking, and technical excellence to every customer engagement.

Over four decades of helping organizations in a broad range of industries, we’ve helped experts in their field by being experts in ours — law enforcement, athletes, Nobel-prize winning scientists, lawyers, courts and rehabilitation experts, insurance and claims professionals, disaster relief service members, warfighters, congress members, diplomats, policymakers, marketers, healthcare providers, jewelry makers, tribal communities, energy & utility providers, economic thought leaders, and more.

Diverse perspective, industry depth, technology breadth, and solution-oriented approach are what you get with AIS.

Defense & Intelligence

Defense and intelligence leaders face incredible challenges — mission readiness, risk and threat mitigation, cost control, service member and civilian safety, and more. Government agencies are working to modernize aging systems and equipment and cut costs, all while addressing the growing number and complexity of threats and delivering innovative solutions to the warfighter for competitive advantage over potential adversaries.

For over four decades, we’ve served those who bravely serve this nation, providing the best information technology services available in the market to power their missions. As a leader in cloud and emerging technologies, we create innovative and secure solutions that outflank the competition.

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Energy & Utilities

When severe weather events occur, tap into the flexibility of the cloud to scale up with web and mobile traffic surges. As regulatory compliance changes are released, adapt your solutions quickly to remain compliant. In a fast-evolving business landscape, create uniform and personalized customer-facing solutions.

We understand the challenges of accumulating technical debt and how to address unique energy industry challenges. AIS offers expertise and guidance to help you modernize your organization. Work with us to create scalable, secure, and compliant solutions that serve your customers.

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Financial Services & Insurance

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, diverse industries and siloed business groups are searching for new ways to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and protect sensitive data.

Our scalable cloud solutions address our clients’ most complex concerns, and with deep experience in financial services and insurance, our team is prepared to handle your toughest cloud problems.

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Federal Civilian

As our government increasingly relies on digital infrastructure, government officials and commercial stakeholders are searching for new ways to enable remote government access, improve collaboration, and deliver trusted & secure services.

Our scalable cloud solutions address our clients’ most complex concerns, with deep experience across Federal, State, and Local Governments and their supporting agencies. Our team is prepared to handle your toughest cloud problems and help you overcome security hurdles to enable innovation.

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Health & Life Sciences

Siloed health solutions and teams require new ways to improve operations, innovate, and protect health data. Our scalable cloud solutions address complex regulatory compliance challenges while helping teams modernize.

With deep experience in highly regulated organizations and a proven track record with Azure, our team is prepared to handle your toughest technology challenges.

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