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Secure, agile cloud & data solutions for your agency

As our government becomes increasingly reliant on digital infrastructure, government officials and commercial stakeholders alike are searching for new ways to enable remote government access, improve collaboration, and deliver trusted & secure services.

Our scalable cloud solutions address our clients’ most complex concerns, with deep experience across national security and military operations, as well as Federal, State, and Local Governments and their supporting agencies. Our team is prepared to handle your toughest cloud problems and help you overcome security hurdles to enable innovation.

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Mission Solutions, From Classified to Civilian Services


The agencies that keep our country safe deal with unimaginable quantities of data: With thousands of aging applications to manage and integrate, our defense clients depend on reliable cloud technology to make the informed decisions that protect Americans everywhere.

From helping a branch of the US armed services transfer thousands of applications to the public cloud to using machine learning to build a news aggregator for the Department of Defense, AIS’ deep experience with government organizations means we’re prepared to help you develop the secure cloud and data platforms you require.


With more government investment in digital infrastructure than ever before, the future of the United States hinges on our ability to create flexible digital solutions in service of a more connected country. Our cloud solutions enable government stakeholders across agencies to modernize core operations, reducing time spent on manual and paper-bound processes while creating seamless collaboration across teams.

Whether we’re migrating DHS SharePoint Servers to Microsoft Office 365 or tracking dam outages for a federally owned public utility, AIS develops the thoughtful solutions your organization needs to thrive in the Internet age.

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