In a world increasingly defined by digital agility and seamless customer experiences, insurance companies, be it in the realm of Property & Casualty (P&C) or Healthcare Payers, find themselves tethered to antiquated mainframes. These legacy systems, once a cornerstone of reliability, now symbolize a predicament. The situation is clear: to stay competitive and agile, insurance companies must transition from these legacy platforms to modern, scalable, and feature-rich environments.

However, the road to modernization is fraught with complications. The escalating costs of maintaining and upgrading these old systems are a growing burden. Moreover, the talent pool skilled in these outdated technologies is shrinking, and the intricate, regulation-bound business rules embedded in these systems make them complex to migrate. The pressing question arises: how can insurance companies delicately untangle themselves from the web of legacy mainframes and leap into the digital age without disrupting their finely-tuned operations? 

Where Do You Start?

New Tools for Acceleration

To truly understand and untangle the complex web of business rules, our approach begins with utilizing advanced AI tools like OpenAI to provide a rough estimate of these rules. Concurrently, all modifications done to the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products running core systems are cataloged meticulously.

Skilled Offshore Support

Our skilled offshore teams can cross-reference these findings by meticulously processing your codebase by hand. This groundwork is crucial, but the real alignment occurs when we initiate joint domain decomposition sessions, harmonizing your IT staff with the business side.

Business & IT Alignment

By identifying and categorizing domains, subdomains, and generic domains, we ensure that every business function is placed accurately. This not only enables informed decision-making but also gives you an insightful understanding of how various domains communicate. These critical integrations, often the gray matter that impedes true modernization, are brought to the forefront for a seamless transition. 

Specialized Support for Your Modernization Journey

Our offerings, tailored for P&C insurers and Healthcare Payers, provide a strategic answer to this dilemma. Rather than adopting a traditional rip-and-replace method, which is both disruptive and risky, we propose a seamless, iterative approach to modernization. For P&C insurers, our solution ensures a smooth transition of claims, billing, and policy management to a cloud-native application in Azure Cloud. Healthcare Payers benefit from a custom offering that prioritizes data privacy, compliance, and efficient claims adjudication.

In essence, our approach is a meticulously crafted journey from legacy systems to a future-ready state. We address the rising costs and talent scarcity while ensuring that the complex business rules and compliance needs are effectively managed. By focusing on continuous modernization, we align the modernization efforts with immediate business needs, ensuring that the transition is not just secure and reliable but also brings immediate and lasting value to the organization. This thoughtful strategy is poised to turn the modernization challenge into an opportunity for sustainable growth and innovation. 

Even more, there’s a great chance we can offer your funding to support various stages of your modernization journey — from business value workshops and assessments to pilots and migrations. Contact us directly or fill out our funding qualification form to get the process started.