The Power Platform Component Catalog has recently been updated, bringing exciting enhancements. Reflecting on the catalog’s strengths and weaknesses as discussed in 2023, it’s pleasing to see the implementation of a new UI. This update simplifies the management and downloading of templates, marking a significant improvement

Enhanced UI

Hidden under the More menu item the Power Platform Component Catalog now can be accessed right inside the Power Apps Maker Portal.

At Applied Information Sciences, we’ve innovated by hosting our PCF components in the Catalog for tenant-wide use. The previous necessity for template installation via the PAC CLI posed a challenge to developers’ accessibility. Now, the introduction of a simplified UI significantly boosts the Catalog’s usability.

Simply selecting Get allows you to walk through a stepper and set up connections, environment variables, and configurations.

Selecting the My Activity link from the installation modal will take you to a new dashboard.

The dashboard shows the status of the templates and components that have been imported into the current environment.


These new UIs greatly improve the catalog functionality and will be a game-changer for custom development within the Power Platform. They streamline the integration process, making it easier for developers to incorporate complex functionalities with minimal effort. Furthermore, the intuitive design accelerates adoption, allowing users to leverage the full potential of the platform’s capabilities.