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Service Offering:App Modernization Using Azure PaaS Cloud Services

Topics: App Modernization

Modernize your mission-critical applications using Azure PaaS

Competitive organizations need greater performance, flexibility, security, and scale for mission-critical workloads. ​Our Microsoft PaaS offering helps organizations with App Modernization to tap into the hundred of cloud-native services that Microsoft Azure has to offer.

Our approach:

  1. Assessment: For up to 5 applications, AIS will perform an application assessment to determine suitability for Azure PaaS cloud services, gauge business impact, inventory and validate assets to be migrated, analyze performance expectations, determine cloud cost estimates, and more to inform the target architecture design and migration plan.
  2. Migrate & Modernize: AIS engineers will refactor the application using the determined approach including App Service and Azure SQL. We’ll test the application’s functional requirements and evaluate opportunities for automation and regular deployment.
  3. Continuous Modernization: Following the assessment and modernization phases, we’ll have established a rhythm and best practices working together for continuous modernization of your application portfolio, introducing DevOps processes, addressing complex security requirements, and more.

Ready to modernize your organization? Reach out to AIS today for Azure platform as a service pricing.