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Service Offering:Java on Azure Modernization PoC

Topics: Azure

Push through blockers of Java application modernization

Java has been the developer’s language of choice for the last 25 years for enterprise application development. As IT leaders continue to face pressure to be more agile and innovative, they will have to modernize their Java applications to leverage the agility, innovation, security, and costs benefits of the cloud. 

Our Delivery Process: During this proof-of-concept engagement, our experts will demonstrate how you can migrate your large, inflexible Java applications to Azure to take advantage of cloud-native services and adopt agile methodologies.

  • Assessment: Conduct a technical review of the applications to understand potential modernization risks, blockers, dependencies, and challenges.
  • Design and Plan: Create and finalize the reference architecture design, in line with the client’s performance, security, and compliance requirements.
  • Proof of Concept Build: Build a customized proof of concept environment for the client’s applications using Azure services.

AIS brings a rich legacy in the IT industry with deep experience in Azure. Reach out to learn more.