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Service Offering:Managed Sentinel

Topics: Operations and Support

Get a standing watch by your side with Managed Services

Is your organization struggling to keep up? Let AIS be your cyber-security guards, helping you detect threats faster, reduce your security risks, and optimize your team to enhance operational efficiency. As organizations continue to invest in new technologies and enable remote working, the information security leaders face a growing magnitude of alerts, diverse attack surfaces, and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. In order to keep up, companies continue to add multiple third-party security tools, making security management even more inefficient at a time when their lean security teams are already outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Make the most of your cloud investment with AIS’ proactive and severity-based approach to your cloud infrastructure management, based on your business strategy.

What you get:

  • Assess: Discover key business goals, and understand existing IT and security monitoring setup and security incident response plan.
  • Define: AIS will provide an overview of how Azure Sentinel can help streamline security operations and design architecture and define data connectors.
  • Establish baseline implementation: Collect data and monitor for threats, optimize threat detection to reduce risks, and investigate and mitigate threats.

Ready to get a fully managed cloud experience? Reach out to AIS today for Managed Sentinel pricing.