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Service Offering:Teams Governance Quick Start

Topics: Microsoft Teams

Generate Governance Documentation & Drive Teams Adoption Quickly

  • Hit the ground running through a guided workshop with Office 365 governance specialists. During the workshop, we’ll analyze your governance needs and address top considerations / priorities
  • Within two business days of meeting, we’ll deliver drafted governance documentation.
  • Based on your priorities, we’ll work with your team to enable the appropriate governance solutions (documentation, process, automation, etc.).
  • 30 days of accelerated user training and support to aid organizational adoption and inform additional governance needs.
    – One time webinar highlighting the unique setup of your Teams environment and available services.
    – Give your team the info and support they need with optional office hours hosted by an AIS Teams SME.
    – Creation and monitoring by AIS of a support and tips channel for just in time feedback and highlighting features.


Creation of an E1 or G1 tenant and deployment of Microsoft Teams. If you need Teams deployed and/or you don’t have a cloud environment, we can work with you for quick deployment and hosting via our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) tenant with up to 6 months of free services with Microsoft’s Office 365 E1 Trial.

Interested in learning more? Contact AIS today and a Microsoft Teams specialist will reach out to discuss the next steps!