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Service Offering:Power Platform CoE for FSI

Topics: Power Platform

Adoption, modernization, management, and governance at scale

Whether you are improving insurance claims processing or automating complex approval workflows, our power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) as a Service offers the leadership, experience, and expertise to help large global financial services firms get established on the platform, migrate and modernizes workloads and applications, and manage and govern at scale.

  • Get Established: We’ll help you get started the right way with an eye to scalability from day one.
  • Migrate and Modernize: Our tools and automation will accelerate the development of solutions to meet new business needs, sunset legacy technologies, re-imagine existing applications, and support citizen developer productivity.
  • Manage at Scale: Discover more and realize that rigor, discipline, and best practices are needed to manage and govern the platform at scale. We’ll ensure that the platform is managed, governed, and secured.

Financial services firms and insurance leaders leverage Power Platform to transform their business in the cloud, build agile business processes, generate value with proactive insights, and enable always-on service. Establish a single source of truth for data, meet new needs quickly, and reduce platform costs and technical debt by consolidating your many workloads on one platform and embracing the capabilities of low-code.

AIS leads and publishes the Power Platform Adoption Framework as the global standard for adopting, managing, and governing Power Platform at scale. Our methods, patterns, and technical tooling help large organizations get the most from Power Platform. Let’s start the conversation on how Power Platform and AIS can help secure and scale your enterprise.

Apps, automation, and BI visualization to manage product and rate revisions relieved employees of manual data-entry, freed this organization to focus on strategic work, and provided management with instant access to accurate data that helps it drive the business.