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Service Offering:Workload Migration with Azure Migrate Services

Topics: IaaS, Legacy Modernization

Improve your organization’s infrastructure and migrate on-prem to Azure

Accelerate modernization of your organization by migrating critical workloads. ​Our Workload Migration with Azure Migrate Service helps organizations move on-premises workloads to the Microsoft Azure Commercial cloud to address the speed, performance, and security challenges of legacy and on-prem environments. Our approach also provides teams with the flexibility and support to scale as they kickstart cloud transformation. 

Goals achieved through these services:

  • ​​Evacuate datacenters and abandon legacy infrastructure
  • Improve DevOps, maintenance, and security posture
  • Expand DevOps scenarios
  • Kickstart running workloads in the cloud to set the stage for future advanced scenarios 
  • Achieve compliance standards

Our approach

  1. Tooling: Establishing the required tooling to perform an assessment and migration of priority workloads.
  2. Discovery: Use the tooling to discover and assess dependencies and the viability of migrating these priority workloads (servers) into Microsoft Azure.
  3. Migration: Migrate the identified priority server workloads with a goal of deployment into Microsoft Azure Commercial cloud.

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