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Topics: Operations and Support

Scale cloud adoption quickly & securely

This offering provides enterprises and AIS customers with a single dashboard to create and provision cloud resources. Business users can use the self-service portal to browse, request, and track cloud services. Administrators can use the solution to create and manage products and track and manage requests. The result is accelerated and secure cloud adoption in the enterprise.

Zeuscale uses a small application footprint to run on cloud-native services like Kubernetes & Azure App Service and API-first architecture for connecting with enterprise toolchains. Zeuscale also supports industry standards for defining cloud resources and using Modern UX to improve the user experience for both admins and consumers.

Key benefits of adopting Zeuscale:

  • Ease of provisioning cloud resources
  • User-friendly self-service capabilities
  • Reduce automation script sprawl
  • Scale adoption with better governance
  • Integrate with your toolset with API integration support
  • Centralized catalog of enterprise-approved products

View demos and learn more to see if Zeuscale is a good fit for your organization:

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