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Video:5-Minute Serverless-First Series: What is Serverless?

Topics: Cloud Computing

About this Episode

Episode 1: What is Serverless?

In this episode, you’ll learn more about how Serverless impacts:

  • Scaling capacity
  • Load-balancing
  • Paying on a consumption-based model vs. paying for resources that you aren’t consuming.

Serverless has broadened into an architecture that enables companies to focus on writing code, rather than running it. Vishwas quickly walks through a few scenarios where Serverless impacts “as a Service” offerings.

About the Series

This video series is around Serverless and the impact that it is providing to companies around writing code, scaling, and more.

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About the Author

Vishwas Lele Vishwas serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at AIS, assisting organizations in envisioning, designing, and implementing enterprise cloud and data solutions. Vishwas has been at AIS since 1994 and brings over 30 years of experience and thought leadership to his position. A noted industry speaker, author, and mentor, he serves as Microsoft Regional Director for the Washington, DC area and a longstanding Azure Microsoft MVP.

Vishwas is also the creator of several tools and apps, including Netizen, MyFOIA, Media Center App, WAMS Manager, Excel Calc Engine, and Azure Service Catalog. Vishwas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master of Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Vishwas has been married for 25 years and spends time outside work with his wife and two daughters.