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Video:Building an Insights-Driven Insurance Organization

Topics: Insurance

Gain insights into your data to power your Insurance organization

As the entire Insurance industry continues to evolve and change rapidly, leaders must focus, plan, and reimagine the role of technology across all business functions to tap into their data when driving decision making. AIS hosted an Insurance webinar to provide access to how leading insurers are building insight-driven organizations through their data to build transformative solutions. In this session, we talk through the various solutions and trends experts like Jonathan Silverman see in the market, investments happening in technologies, and how we create robust solutions by better analyzing their data. 

Join insurance industry experts to discuss: 

  • The current state of the insurance industry and popular trends
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • How modern platforms are driving impactful business outcomes
  • How you can accelerate your journey with our AIS Data Intelligence Framework

Stay ahead of the changes and challenges by better understanding your data to build strong, reliable, and customer and insight-driven organizations with this webinar.

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