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Video:Future of Cloud: Growth Mindset Show

Topics: Cloud Computing

Focused on the Future of Cloud

The weekly Growth Mindset Show, hosted by Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner, covers topics for growth, success, motivation, and productivity. Mahesh invited AIS CTO, Vishwas Lele to speak about his passion for cloud technology, mindset and tips for career development, and the importance of cloud in helping organizations create resilient infrastructure and business solutions. 

Watch the full session and learn more about the future of cloud:

In this session: 

  • Learn how the pandemic has affected companies worldwide and cloud technology’s significant role in resilient solutions for remote work shifts.
  • Vishwas explains how he began his career in IT, describing his educational background and what has led him to become CTO of AIS, a Microsoft Azure MVP and Regional Director, and much more. He shares his perspective on the importance of reflection and personal commitment to continued learning, the benefits gained, and the impact on your career.
  • Learn about Computational Thinking Mindset, the ability to recognize a problem, think about the logic, and work towards a solution. Vishwas encourages those early in their career or transitioning roles or focus to be open-minded when it comes to learning new skills and languages. “When starting your career, you’re not trying to chase the shiny object,” Vishwas said.
  • Learn more about why multi-cloud is becoming more of a reality and why over 60% of companies today are using multi-cloud to deploy computational workloads to more than one cloud provider.

Following the discussion is a live Q&A from attendees and the final question for Vishwas: What is the future of cloud? Vishwas explains that they are seeing a trend in the specialization of cloud capabilities that are dedicated to certain industry verticals. He believes that we are headed in the direction of highly targeted community cloud environments that allow companies to realize value faster.

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