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Video:Beyond VPNs: A Deep Dive into Microsoft’s Remote Access Options

Topics: Federal

Join us as we examine the various technology options and use cases for remote access.

Increasingly distributed work environments have created both opportunities and challenges for employee remote access. This has resulted in various solutions to help with accessibility, security, and productivity for your workforce.

Discover the various remote access options beyond common VPN and AVD solutions. In this webinar, we provide an overview of these remote access tools and their features, prerequisites, limitations, demos, and more. Tooling covered includes:

  • Microsoft Entra Global Secure Access​
    • Microsoft Entra Internet Access​
    • Microsoft Entra Private Access​
  • Azure Virtual Desktop​
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud PC​
  • Microsoft Dev Box


  • Michael Messina, Infrastructure Architect
  • Chau Duong, Senior Security Engineer
  • Alex Clark, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

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