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Video:Streamlining the Path to Cloud-Based Analytics

Topics: Data Intelligence

Streamlining Path to Cloud-Based Analytics, Starting with a Strategic Assessment

Data ambitions? Don’t let slow data access or poor integration solutions stop you! Understand how to leverage your data to drive business needs, break out of silos, and gain better visibility into your enterprise. Learn how to differentiate yourself in the market with your ability to process and derive from analytical data.

What you’ll learn in this on-demand webinar:

  • Drivers toward a data platform: Speed and scale, democratization, culture, and core data competence.
  • Approaches to adopting a data platform: Alignment of strategy, maturity of the current state, and developing an actionable data roadmap.
  • Getting started: AIS will help you gather information on your current state and identify engagement plans and goals, strategize and attend working sessions for hands-on learning experiences, and learn how to take over your data platform.

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