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Whitepaper:Cybersecurity Checklist

Topics: Cloud Security, Operations and Support

Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

Understand where your vulnerabilities are and work with our partners to maintain security. Your data is important to AIS, so we’ve partnered with Alert Logic to bring you a checklist to help identify security gaps and prevent attacks before they start.

This checklist has been designed to help you: 

  • Address software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Eliminate exposed ports & services
  • Reduce the chance of attacks delivered via email
  • Limit browser-based attacks
  • Reduce the attack surface across Microsoft Office applications

Discover how AIS and Alert Logic can assist you in your data protection by providing end to end coverage. We’re ready to help you identify risks and stop them before they compromise your mission. View our checklist and reach out to AIS for our expertise and support! We look forward to hearing from you.