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Whitepaper:Mainframe Modernization Guide

Topics: Mainframes

Your essential guide to mainframe modernization

Create more agile and efficient systems, eliminate security and compliance vulnerabilities, and reduce operating costs by modernizing your mainframe. Enterprises looking to remain competitive must rethink their approach to IT and create a strategy for mainframe migration to the cloud.

Aging on-premises mainframes impede innovation and lack the flexibility of modern cloud solutions. While migration approaches and dependencies can be complex, the impact of modernizing will help your organization scale efficiently to meet modern business demands.
As you look to align your business goals with the outcomes of various migration patterns, there are many considerations. In this whitepaper, we’ll cover the essentials:

  • Challenges of on-prem mainframes
  • Benefits of modernizing
  • Modernization approaches
  • Top considerations
  • And more

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