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Microsoft Purview

Better govern your data with unified, cloud-based solutions.

Streamline data governance, achieve compliance, and derive insights with Microsoft Purview services.

Microsoft Purview is a robust data governance service that is designed to help organizations manage and derive insights from their data efficiently and effectively. The solution automates data cataloging, discovering, and classifying data from different sources, making it easily accessible and manageable. Its data lineage feature allows users to trace the origin of their data and monitor its movements across different systems, enhancing trust and confidence in derived insights.

In the face of increasing data privacy regulations, Purview offers advanced data governance by identifying sensitive data and assisting in implementing necessary protection measures. The powerful data search functionality enhances productivity and decision-making, allowing users to locate data across the system effortlessly. Purview’s integration capabilities with various Microsoft and third-party services ensure a comprehensive data management solution for enterprises, and AIS can help you with expert implementation of these services.


Rich capabilities to better understand and govern your data

Automated Data Cataloguing

Purview automatically discovers and classifies data across various sources, making it easily searchable and manageable.

Data Lineage Visualization

Trace data’s origin and understand how it moves across systems to ensure accuracy and trust in your insights.

Advanced Data Governance

It aids compliance with privacy regulations by identifying sensitive data and implementing necessary protective measures.

Powerful Data Search

Users can effortlessly search and locate data across all sources, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Cross-Platform Integration

Seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft and third-party services, delivering a holistic data management solution.   

How can Microsoft Purview impact your organization?

Enhance visibility across your data portfolio

Streamline access to data, security, and risk management

Robust protective measures for a variety of sensitive data

Administer, safeguard, and oversee data through a unified approach

Address data risks and compliance holistically, from start to finish

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