Several months ago, we set out to improve our online presence and build an information hub that would engage communities and individuals who share our passion for system and software engineering, and attract companies searching for a proven software solutions provider.

Today, I’m both proud and excited to launch AIS’s first corporate blog, with contributions from our terrific team of experts. We can’t wait to share our insights and innovations related to the services we deliver.[pullquote]We’ve built a reputation for delivering completed projects to our clients that are on time, within budget and exceed expectations.[/pullquote]Over the past 30 years, AIS has provided custom solutions to government agencies and businesses worldwide. We’ve built a reputation for delivering completed projects to our clients that are on time, within budget and exceed expectations. For many years, being so highly regarded in our market segments resulted in having more business than we could handle. This “problem” has allowed AIS to provide long-term career opportunities to more than 300 talented individuals and expand to a total of six offices located in in Reston, Virginia, Columbia, Maryland, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, Raleigh, North Carolina and Hyderabad, India.

While we’ve worked with hundreds of commercial clients, slightly more than half our business continues to be with the Federal Government. This past year, the majority of our Federal contracts were all up for renewal. We were fortunate to re-win all of them, totaling $100 million in long-term contracts. Now with that nerve-wracking challenge behind us, we’re ready to shift our focus to new growth and uncover new opportunities across all our market segments.

Any AIS office can deliver any AIS service as a result of our ability to work in a seamless yet geographically-distributed manner. Using this blog, we will share our knowledge and capabilities in the services we deliver, which include custom software development, infrastructure engineering, operations and support, strategic consulting and cloud computing.

AIS’ innovation-driven culture has attracted some of the industry’s best thought leaders and subject matter experts, many of whom advise the world’s largest software companies, and speak at prominent events around the globe. They will now be writing right here, about the work they do, the solutions they discover and the innovations they develop. I encourage you to not only subscribe to our blog and comment on our posts regularly, but also share content with your personal and professional online communities.