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New & Emerging Business Technology Consulting That Has the Power to Transform Your Organization

Digital personal assistants that execute your spoken requests. Chatbots that automate customer service with a friendly face. Artificial intelligence (AI) with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities that help your staff design better products, see new market opportunities, and maintain field equipment more thoroughly.

New business technologies are coming to the fore at a blistering pace—blockchain, AI, machine learning, server-less computing — they all promise to revolutionize IT and everyday life. But how do you keep up with it all? You barely have the resources to maintain today’s IT systems, much less the time and budget to research and implement new technologies. That’s why you should consider partnering with a business technology consultant.

Through our business technology consulting services, we recommend new technologies that will benefit your business, help you implement them cost-effectively, and ensure that you don’t spend money on dead-end efforts. Our staff not only stays on top of emerging technologies, but has a front-row seat on the companies that are inventing them.

Emerging Technologies Open Up Endless Possibilities

Why Choose AIS for Business Technology & Software Consulting Services?

Ways to Engage With AIS As a Business Technology Consultant

Envisioning session. We’ll sit down with your business and technology teams to brainstorm how emerging technologies can benefit your business and create a prioritized roadmap and budget for implementing them.

Proofs of concept. We’ll build a proof of concept of the most promising idea(s)—a great, low-cost, low-risk way to validate the practicality and business value of a new technology.