Office Graph In my previous post, I proposed an example application that leverages the resources available to us in Office 365 development platform and Azure Active Directory, as well as the in-application integration of Office 365 Add-ins.

Now we’ll take a deeper look at the Graph API and some of the implementation points.

Build Your Enterprise Graph

The Graph API empowers developers and enterprises to build new relationships and interactions between resources in Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and other applications and data assets.

As Microsoft’s enterprise cloud offerings continue to expand, so will the opportunities to weave these resources together in new and innovative ways. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn will help it expand its social network graph, so it will be interesting to see how it plays into its Graph API in the future. Read More…

Design ThinkingTogether with Applied Information Sciences (AIS), the University of Virginia and George Washington University, Design Thinking DC (DT:DC) has launched the Summer of Design, a facilitated design thinking experience in which a diverse group of participants apply the principles of Design Thinking to real problems faced by organizations in our local community.

Why Design Thinking?
Design Thinking combines diverse fields, such as engineering, public policy, architecture, and economics to solve really complicated problems. It provides a framework that teams use to craft innovative solutions. Design Thinking DC (DT:DC) is an action-oriented community of innovative change makers who come together to share knowledge, experiences and find ways to leverage the substantial benefits of these techniques.

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Office_365_AppsEnterprises have a trove of business resources and data that are often under-utilized – users, calendars, contacts, emails, tasks, documents and other files. Often there are redundancies between what users do with Office applications and other enterprise applications, and a painful lack of integration.

In prior posts, I discussed the compelling new Office 365 development platform and introduced Matter Center to demonstrate how integrating web-based add-ins directly into Office applications like Outlook can lead to productivity gains and happy users.

In this post we’ll introduce a sample application to show a practical example of how we can use these technologies to bring enterprise applications together with these valuable resources.

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