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Business Applications

Empowering businesses with modernized app solutions with low code technology.

Driving efficiency and innovation through tailored low-code solutions.

We understand the critical role that business applications play in driving operational efficiency and innovation. Our comprehensive IT modernization services are designed to transform your business applications into powerful tools that deliver outcomes such as enhanced productivity, streamlined processes, and smarter decision-making.


A focus on people — not just technology — to deliver impactful results

Empowering businesses with the right tools and methodologies to achieve strategic objectives is what we do best. Our approach is centered around collaboration, innovation, and empowerment.

We kick-start the transformation journey by meeting you where you’re at, assisting in enterprise platform readiness, modernizing applications, and adopting a fusion team approach.

Tailored Approach

Every business is at a different stage in its digital transformation journey. Your success counts on us meeting you where you’re at. We tailor our services to your needs and readiness, ensuring a seamless transition to the next stage of business innovation.

Platform Readiness

We provide governance and adoption services that ensure your IT environment is ready to harness the full potential of modern business applications across a wide range of users, skill sets, geographies, and departments.

Modernizing Apps

We leverage user-centered design to transform your existing apps into agile, user-friendly tools that drive business efficiency. With our deep expertise in Power Platform and Azure, we accelerate the development process, helping you to reap the benefits of modern apps faster.

Fusion Development

We believe in co-building solutions with our customers. This approach results in customized solutions that perfectly fit your business needs and empowers your teams with the skills and knowledge to maintain and enhance these solutions beyond our engagement.

Empower your business with Microsoft cloud expertise.


Microsoft Certifications


Years working with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Partner of the Year


Advanced Specializations


Enable innovation through cross-cutting capabilities.

Holistic Approach

Unlike other service integrators that may focus on a single product, AIS leverages the complete Microsoft cloud suite, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs.

Industry Expertise

Our vast experience in working with regulated industries equips us with unique skills to efficiently navigate complex compliance landscapes, a challenge that may overwhelm in-house teams or other ISVs.

Azure Mastery

Our robust expertise in Azure services and proficiency in big data sets us apart from technology providers and ISVs, enabling us to handle large volumes of data and derive valuable insights that drive business growth.

Empowerment and Collaboration

With our fusion development approach, we co-build solutions with our customers, empowering your teams with the skills and knowledge to maintain and enhance these solutions beyond our engagement – a benefit you might not experience with other service integrators.

Strategic Partnership

Choosing AIS means choosing a strategic partner committed to your business growth. We meet you where you are and guide you through your digital transformation journey – a commitment that goes beyond the offerings of traditional technology providers or the option of not modernizing at all.

Experience the benefits of low code tech.

Move Faster

Our low-code solutions expedite development with industry accelerators and reusable components, speeding up traditional software development and enabling quick build, configuration, and testing of apps.

Collaborate Better

Low-code solutions like Power Platform connect business and IT teams. By providing a shared platform for communication and development, business users can offer real-time feedback for better alignment between technology and business goals.

Save Money

By streamlining application development, you can reduce the need for custom coding and the associated costs, especially factoring in reusable components. Rapid iteration and collaboration also prevent costly re-development efforts.

Satisfy Users

Empowering business users and IT through low-code technology enables rapid problem-solving. This collaborative approach increases capacity within business teams, allowing individuals to focus on high-value tasks and ultimately improve employee morale.

Modernize your business with the help of Microsoft experts.

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True innovation relies on cross-cutting capabilities.

Application Development

Rewrite legacy applications or build new cloud-native products to reduce technical debt and build new revenue streams.

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Business Applications

Capitalize on the connectivity, flexibility, and efficiency gains of low-code development platforms to boost organizational productivity.

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