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Case Studies:Insurance Company Transforms Customer Engagement in the Cloud

The Challenge

One of the biggest online insurance providers was looking to constantly enhance its digital engagement model to better connect with customers online.

The Solution

They decided to gradually move their key business systems from a mainframe to the cloud to enhance agility. This large insurance provider engaged AIS to help it adopt DevOps development practices and begin moving tier-1 applications into Microsoft Azure.

The Results

The enterprise has moved several business-critical legacy applications from the mainframe into Azure, which has turbocharged innovation, improved application availability, and reduced costs.

Create an on-ramp to Azure

The enterprise faced huge barriers to cloud migration regarding rewriting software, eliminating process inefficiencies, and changing cultural mindsets. We worked with them to blast through those roadblocks by helping to develop more streamlined and automated procedures around infrastructure and application deployment, lifecycle management, application monitoring, and high-availability testing.

Move first production application to the cloud

We then helped our client move its first big production application to Azure using an elegant hybrid infrastructure. This provided a template for others to follow.

Turbocharge innovation

Now that it’s adopted DevOps development practices and developing software in Azure, the insurance company has seen a substantial speedup in its innovation cycle, slashing its new-feature release cycle down to a week; a future goal is to shorten this even further.

Improve business continuity

By moving its tier-1 business systems to Azure, they have eliminated much of the downtime that used to accompany new-feature rollouts, which can devastate an online business. Today, they deploy and test in one US Azure data center and run production applications in another. Customers never see any downtime due to software updates.

Reduce costs

AIS was able to help our client reduce costs with Azure by reducing the labor required to set up and manage infrastructure. This is the money they plow back into innovation.

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