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Case Studies:NFL Players Association Scores Win for Members

The Challenge

Multiple player management systems across the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) resulted in poor customer service and missed opportunities for NFLPA members.

The Solution

Create a single, shared player management system, using Microsoft Dynamics 365, for all the NFLPA organizations.

The Results

The NFLPA can now quickly mine player data to find licensing and marketing opportunities for more players. By using cloud platforms, the NFLPA quickly scales its business systems and reduces costs, freeing staff to develop new member services.

This case study was featured on Microsoft. Click here to view the case study.

Create a single source of member truth

The NFLPA had worked with AIS on modernizing other IT systems so sought its counsel on this project, too. We used Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create a single, shared player management system, called PA.NET, for all the NFLPA organizations. We customized Dynamics 365 extensively to meet the unique needs of the NFLPA and integrated it with the organization’s Office 365 applications.

At the same time, we moved all legacy IT systems (websites, financial applications, and others) to Microsoft Azure, giving NFLPA an entirely cloud-based business.

Land more opportunities for more members

With one master set of player data and powerful reporting tools, the NFLPA can uncover marketing and licensing opportunities for more players and identify other ways to help its members.

Free up time to grow the business

Because PA.NET automates so many previously manual processes, it frees up hours of drudge work each week for NFLPA employees, which they convert to creative problem solving for members.

Scale instantly, reduce costs

By moving its business systems to the cloud, the NFLPA can scale its infrastructure instantly when traffic spikes—such as when football season ends and licensing offers heat up. No more over-provisioning servers to meet worst-case needs. In fact, no more servers, period. With cloud-based systems, the NFLPA no longer has to refresh six-figure server and storage systems every few years.

And its IT staff has freed up 30 percent more time by not having to babysit infrastructure, time it uses to come up with new technology innovations.

Score touchdown for members

The NFLPA lives to serve its members, and with PA.NET and other cloud-based business systems, it’s scored a big win for them.

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