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Case Studies:AIS Helps a US Military Branch March into the Cloud

The Challenge

Help a branch of the US armed services create an on-ramp to move thousands of legacy applications to the public cloud.

The Solution

Help customer adopt a multi-cloud strategy, create a fully automated cloud migration template to take advantage of cloud platform services and provide migration assistance.

The Results

Speed the migration of thousands of applications into the cloud and slash costs with full automation and serverless computing.

Adopt a multi-cloud vision

This military branch turned to AIS for help in energizing its cloud migration. AIS first encouraged the customer to adopt a multi-cloud strategy to benefit from competitive pricing and to provide more architectural options. We then worked closely with Amazon and Microsoft to transform the customer’s on-premises environment into a seamless multi-cloud (AWS and Microsoft Azure) environment with consistent provisioning, governance, and security measures.

As each new application comes up for migration, it undergoes an evaluation for native cloud service capability, pricing, and functionality before being migrated into the appropriate cloud.

Automate everything

At the same time, we encouraged the customer to move beyond IaaS and fully embrace platform as a service (PaaS) to take full advantage of the power of the cloud and eliminate infrastructure maintenance work. Further, using SecDevOps practices, we created the new common environment using full automation and infrastructure as code (IaC) techniques and serverless computing.

Help with migrations

In parallel, AIS became an authorized migration vendor and began moving applications into this new cloud environment. To date, AIS has taken a significant on-premises legacy application, refactored it into a cloud-native application using Azure PaaS services, and moved it into production in Azure, all in a matter of weeks. The application runs faster and has greater resilience in the cloud.

Turn the crank 4,000 more times

The customer is using our cloud migration framework and best practices to move the remainder of its 4,000 on-premises applications to the cloud. This will take years, but the customer can just press a button, and the template will set up an Azure or AWS subscription and a dev/test infrastructure that complies with needed security controls.

Ensure IL4 compliance

Azure offered a DoD IL4-compliant environment and great support for the customer’s many Microsoft-based applications. Microsoft, in turn, turned to AIS as an extension of the Azure engineering team to create a secure IL4 environment in the Azure Government cloud and help the customer create a template for migrating its applications.

Fully ATO-accredited

AIS integrated a tool that helps this military branch dramatically speed the Authority to Operate (ATO) process and compliance with NIST and DoD controls. With this tool, the customer can get an ATO for an application in weeks versus months or even years.

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